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Developing Nature Smart Agile Leaders

Hybrid Forest Bathing

I offer a unique 121 half day life & leadership experience. I help avoid Karoshi – the Japanese word for ‘death from work’. I utilise natures leadership smartness. I look at your map of the world & how natures intelligence can help step up your life, leadership & aliveness. We are how we navigate.

Traditionally Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing, provides a bridge to nature. It is a embodied awareness experience. It includes restored attention, reduced stress, improved cognition, freedom to feel, decreased bad chemicals, new essential chemicals, thinking differently, optimal flow, nature not quiet, calmness, embodied awareness & accepting natures invitations.

I take this a step further. I link this to understanding natures intelligence & systems, and coach you in how it helps your life & leadership mental skills. I will cover the science, deep psychology, biophilic experience & back home actions.

I will coach you outdoors for a unique half day learning experience. I will help you become a Biophilic leader & re-wire with nature. I will develop your sustainability awareness. I will cover everything that is Forest Bathing including Shizen. I will help you develop a nature smart different mindset focusing on your confidence, commitment, control & challenge.

 The experience involves half day walking in Yorkshire, dedicated 121 psychological coaching & teaching, an online mental toughness psychometric with follow up telephone feedback & handouts. Traditional Shirin Yoku offers a tea ceremony. I offer an alternative pub/coffee visit at the end of the session.

The price is £285.00. Ideally the day normally runs between 9 until 1. These timings are flexible are to match your diary.

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Please call me for a chat on 07961 485048 or email me at


Give me a call – 07961 485048 or Email me at

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude”. William James