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Uniquely Stepping Up Leader Mental Talent

Nurturing An Explorer Mindset

Drawing on explorer/eco psychology research, having explorer mindset skills is a massive strategic asset in constant pressurised changing environments.

Sustainability leadership is changing the world. Leaders who understand sustainability leadership & embrace/use an exploration mindset vision will tell stories, create new knowledge, break barriers, connect & innovate. This critical mindset embraces a large range of critical mental skills. These skills are paramount to help shape & blend best cognitive performance.

The skills range is vast & powerful & includes: Systems thinking, collaboration, curiousity, courage, innovation, optimisation, idealism. reflection, self awareness, deep purpose, humility, decision making, stress management, resilience, teamwork, goal adaption, inspiration, influence, acuity, calmness, attentional focus, change adaption, motivation & seeing things differently with total honesty & transparency.

This is a must have leader mindset which is often under developed & under appreciated by many in the corporate space. A vital cognitive set of abilities truly needed to survive & thrive in a Vuca world.

Modern leaders need to deepen their self awareness, develop different mindsets for thoughtful & compelling people leadership. I offer this as a personalised 121 development framework. There is much to learn from top explorers such as Shackleton, Hillary, Fiennes etc  – the great explorers of the past & present, who were exposed to the leading edge of tough natural environments.

‘ Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all’ – Ernest Shackelton

‘People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things’ – Edmund Hillary

‘ Live your life by a compass not a clock’ – Stephen Covey

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