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Developing Tough Well-Beings & Nature Smart Leaders

Biophilic Coaching

Biophilia is the human innate connection to nature. Leadership is greatly disconnected from nature & natures intelligence. The wild organisational landscape is a dysfunctional distraction from the natural world. Leaders should have new accountability in 2021. Leaders need to be Nature Smart. A reconfiguration of skills is needed. Leaders must be agile, aware, authentic & sustainable.

My Biophilic coaching works with leader pressure & dysfunction. With Biophilia & Ecopsychology outside the psychology mainstream, my coaching has to be courageous.  It is designed to help leaders embrace both commercial & psychological reality. Blending Well-Being & systems thinking is key. This is what i do. I design leader mental maps that solve tough sustainable mental agendas.

With over 12000+ hours of coaching experience, I seek to drive coaching culture in business.  I use the Challenge Facts Coaching model to confront this reality.

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“He had brought a large map, representing the sea, without the least vestige of land: And the crew were much pleased when they found it to be a map they could all understand”.
Lewis Carroll