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Developing A Leaders Explorer Mindset for Peak Mental Abilities

What I Do

What I Do – I coach & train ‘Leadership From Nature’ Systems Thinking. I develop understanding of natures intelligence & its application to unique leadership habits & wellbeing.

I develop sharper biophilic mindsets, attitude, awareness, cognition, well-being, behavioural traits & relationship excellence. I enable leaders to build an Attitude at Altitude. To learn how to handle pressure, stress & tough agendas.

Part 1 Attitude and Motivation
Part 2 Goals and Commitment
Part 3 People Skills
Part 4 Mental Talk
Part 5 Dealing with Anxiety and Emotion
Part 6 Concentration

The Benefits

Leadership From Nature Systems Thinking develops a green & blue Mindset. It is an advanced Well-Being & thinking framework.

A VIEW OF LIFE approach that blends robust psychology elements to accelerate leadership confidence. It is based on Biophilia, the human innate connection to nature. It draws on work developed by Prof Jack J Lesyk, Prof Flitjof Capra, Prof Peter Clough, Prof Edward O.Wilson.

Blending The Four Pillars & The Nine Skills

  1. There are four wellbeing relationship pillars: Mental, Physical, Social, Ecological.
  2. There are four Mental Toughness pillars: Challenge, Commitment, Control and Confidence.
  3. Three aim triggers: Good mental health, solid mental toughness & focused cognitive thinking.
  4. The nine skills: Attitude, Motivation, Goals Focus, People Skills, Self-Talk, Mental Imagery, Managing Anxiety, Managing Emotions & Concentration.

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“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk”
Marcus Tullius Cicero