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Uniquely Stepping Up Leader Mental Talent

What I Do

What I Do – I work with leaders 121 to maximise their mental talent & performance. I do this by coaching, training & developing  ‘Top Explorer Traits  & Leadership From Nature Eco Systems Thinking. I develop an understanding & application of peak mental skills application to develop a unique explorer mindset that adds value to business & personal contribution.

I enable leaders to build an Attitude at Altitude, to handle pressure & stress & build awareness. I embed the 10C Trait framework:

Consistency, Challenge, Calm, Commitment, Creativity, Curiousity, Courage, Control, Confidence & Certainty.

Part 1 Attitude and Motivation
Part 2 Goals and Commitment
Part 3 People Skills
Part 4 Mental Talk
Part 5 Dealing with Anxiety and Emotion
Part 6 Concentration

The Benefits

My specialist psychological work is focused on an advanced Well-Being & deep cognition framework.

A VIEW OF LIFE approach that blends robust psychology elements to accelerate leadership confidence. It is evidence based & holds psychological rigour.  It draws on numerous strong psychological methodologies, theories & work developed by key individuals such as Prof Jack J Lesyk, Prof Flitjof Capra, Prof Peter Clough & Prof Edward O.Wilson. It also draws on leadership lessons from many top explorers.

Blending The Four Pillars & The Nine Skills

  1. There are four wellbeing relationship pillars: Mental, Physical, Social, Ecological.
  2. There are four Mental Toughness pillars: Challenge, Commitment, Control and Confidence.
  3. Three aim triggers: Good mental health, solid mental toughness & focused cognitive thinking.
  4. The nine skills: Attitude, Motivation, Goals Focus, People Skills, Self-Talk, Mental Imagery, Managing Anxiety, Managing Emotions & Concentration.

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“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk”
Marcus Tullius Cicero