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Navigating Mindset & Culture Using Explorers Systems Thinking

Navigating Mindset & Culture Complexity

Thanks for visiting The Wild Workplace, a specialist Coaching Psychology business founded by Steve Bruckshaw.

Steve uses explorer trait psychology & systems thinking, to transform & step up awareness in analysing & solving problems differently, reducing pressure/stress, broadening culture transformative thinking, making the right cognitive choices & building peak mental endurance & sharpness.

Navigating Mindset & Culture in this century of complexity has never been so important.

I am Steve Bruckshaw, Owner, Certified Principal Business Psychologist, Leader Coach & Approved Professional In Outdoor Learning. I work with leaders seeking a fresh motivational challenge to step up peak mental performance.

Mental performance sharpness focus includes; self awareness, agility, interconnectedness, patience, optimism, idealism, courage, consistency, curiosity, innovation & mental toughness.

Steve offers leaders the 2024/8 session 121 Walking With Leaders mental skills programme.

Leaders who learn & apply evidence based thinking, through adopting systems thinking & an explorers mindset are a major strategic asset to their organisation & to themselves. Taking responsibility for best personal mental performance, stimulates & grows creative & tougher mental capabilities.

” The future will belong to the nature smart – those individuals, families, business & political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world, and who balance the virtual with the real” – Richard Louv.

“Walking helps your mind plan the world around you. The mind surveys the environment, chooses a route and constructs a mental map. This translates into a series of steps, to navigate the present and cultivate the future”. – Steve Bruckshaw 2024



Natures Intelligence Step Up

‘Some of the barriers separating people from the rest of nature are self imposed, others are created by media or the commercial world. That will continue, but we can resist; we can tune down the decibels, turn down the lights, and turn on the senses. A few businesses may even join the resistance. ‘ – Richard Louv