Sustainable Leadership From Nature

THANKS for visiting The Wild Work Place, an Ecopsychology business. Founded by me Steve Bruckshaw. I am an Ecopsychologist & Leadership Coach. Ecopsychology connects leaders to the natural environment to step up sustainable lifestyle & leadership skills. I coach Biophilia the human innate connection with nature.

I offer the unique 121 Walking With Leaders Programme. My purpose is to re-wire leaders mindsets to natures intelligence. I shift behaviours, shake habits, & shape biophilic skills & wellbeing.

Please contact me to chat about vital natural leader sustainability. Contact me on  07961 485048 or email me at

“Walking helps your mind plan the world around you. The mind surveys the environment, chooses a route and constructs a mental map. This translates into a series of steps, to navigate the present and cultivate the future”. – Steve Bruckshaw 2021



Natures Intelligence Help

“I felt like I had made myself better. I had worked hard. I felt like I understood how to run my race better than my opponents. The other guys I was running against were talented, but I was able to do more with my talent. That was a high.” Michael Johnson – Athlete and Broadcaster