Case Studies

Well-Being Programme – National Train Service – 2017

We are currently delivering resilient and mental health courses and will update when the courses are completed in 2018. To date, the feedback has been very good. And the Well-Being of the attendees has improved to the extent that their stress levels have reduced.

Mental Toughness Development – IT Managers – Northern Authority 2016

Overview – Eight IT Desk managers needing an improvement in their self awareness, accountability, individual-team confidence and ability to improve their handling of crisis situations. The team and individual Well-Being was missing.

Solutions and Implementation – Four blended Mental toughness and Well-Being masterclasses delivered  – focusing on communication skills, emotional control, personal commitment and team work challenge. A range of creative workshops to understand and apply Well-Being, MT, group presentations, individual coaching sessions, plus the completion of an individual MTQ48 psychometric.

Results – Based on feedback from senior team – Team now working more closely together on ownership of crisis situations. Greater focus on quality of decision making. More creativity shown around problem solving. Improved communication across the team with respect better approach to identifying faster results and achievement of KPIs. Enhanced relationship with senior managers around greater confidence in the team to represent the senior views to customers and handle problems more professionally. They are happier and more content.

“As usual Steve was excellent providing a creative learning programme. Their is immediate evidence of impact with some of my team implementing fresh ways of doing things and taking greater ownership” – Head of Services.

Culture change programme in a major outsourcing organisation operating in a regulated environment – 2014/15

Overview – In 2014, UK retail credit became regulated by the FCA as part of a restructure of the OFT. In order to meet the regulatory requirements and drive forward the performance of the business, Serco a major UK outsourcing organisation, required an integrated coaching based Management Development Programme across its 5 sites. The programme was delivered to over 200 Senior managers. The business was mainly focussed on satisfying the needs of outsourcing clients, rather than drivers of profit. Primary contracts were loss making. People were poorly managed – turnover and absence was high.

Solutions – The programme was designed to deliver changes in culture to ensure the business complied with as a regulated entity and to drive improvements in efficiency and profitability. The programme was designed around Mental toughness development. This element was seen as critical to deliver the change in culture required across the business. All managers were assessed and coached in developing their own MT.

Mental Toughness Scale Elements of Desired Behaviour and culture;

Challenge – Increased flexibility, reduced resistance to change, development of a culture of continuous improvement. Commitment –  Increased engagement to hit KPI’s and targets. Discipline to operate to the T&C scheme and ensure that systems & processes are adhered to. Life Control – Increased ability to prioritise and focus on the actions which will impact most on business performance.

Emotional Control – Able to deal with difficult situations in a calm, rational manner, both internally and with customers to increase both employee engagement and TCF. Confidence in Abilities – Competent, motivated team with self-belief in their ability to manage employees and the customer.

Interpersonal Confidence – Ability to challenge others and report instances of non-compliance so that they could be addressed. Coaching skills – This element was to help managers across the business coach and develop team members in both business skills and mental toughness. Coaching skills were interwoven into all aspects of the role and managers were encouraged to coach their peers and customers as well as their teams.

Outcomes – The programme delivered a number of tangible changes across the business, which led to a number of positive outcomes, including: Full Compliance with the FCA regulations. Reduction in total staff costs. Turnarounds within the primary contracts in the business from a loss making to a profitable position. Achievement of all key client metrics across primary contracts including customer experience scores. Significant reductions in absence and staff turnover levels. Improvements in efficiency and reductions in waste across the business.

Client Feedback

“The development programme provided the essential platform which enabled the organisation to transform. Through the development of mental toughness, the management team developed an appetite to drive change and the commitment and resilience to implement and sustain it. The programme provided the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, challenge and support to allow the senior team to develop themselves and their teams.” Director, Serco



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