Career Management

Career Management is a complex mindset of fresh skills and behaviours that needs real Cognitive expertise. It is your ‘View of Life’. It needs full on commitment. It needs Mental Toughness. It needs networking, confidence, control, presenting, research, interview, self image skills. A special attitude that needs to be adopted to survive and thrive in The Wild Workplace. It is a complex, multidimensional, pattern of on-going relationships with yourself and organisational life. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT FINDING A JOB!

Steve has Senior Career Management expertise. He offers a unique Career Management Programme at a fixed price of £1550 (no vat added). This covers 3 x 4 hour challenging coaching development sessions, (location Bingley West Yorkshire) CV re-write/LinkedIn review, a Mental Toughness Psychometric with feedback and a 1 x Walking with Leaders coaching day in Malham, North Yorkshire. And telephone coaching support.

The workplace is wild, complex, volatile, uncertain and plain weird sometimes!. Career Management is not an abstract shopping list. It is a structured psychological approach. Hence leaders/managers need training and coaching in designing their career management and how it can help the quality of their lives/relationships and their workplace influence. You need to be really on your game to get a job these days. And no jobs for life. There is real people competition and smart people out there. Steve will help you shine and shift into the right psychological space.


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“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude”. William James