Well-Being Training Courses

 Courses For Meaning Making

At The Wild Workplace we help leaders, talent and teams perform better, to be consistently positive and generate well-being understanding and application. We help people handle change better, to be meaningful and be more perseverant. We deliver our blended Well-Being training courses by using a range of key perspectives that deliver content that people will learn and use. We offer two one day training courses that are a range of Well-Being components designed to help people navigate and nurture their capacity to stay grounded, present and centred in fluid and difficult times. The VUCA World.

We draw upon our business and psychological experience to create unique learning experiences. Our blended learning includes:

Social Psychology – making sense of behaviour, feeling and thinking.

Personal Development – developing awareness and identity.

Well-Being Dimensions – a toolbox of system tools for business influence.

Biophilia Coaching – the innate human connection to learning through nature.

Vuja De – seeing everything as if it’s new and understanding it differently.

Two One Day Courses.

THE WELL-BEING LEADER – Aimed at understanding the key dimensions of Well-Being (Psychological, Physical, Social and Ecological). How to respond to, improve & sense the key leadership qualities needed across the workplace well-being challenge. The WILD TRACK System sits at the core of this learning.
CONFIDENCE – A unique day. Focusing on a range of  key psychological & Brain Science frameworks & skills to develop & maximise Mental Toughness & Well-Being.  The focus is to help people fulfil potential and perform at the high end of their talent.
We also offer support in advanced presentation skills. Called The Great Theatre – This can be 121 coaching or small senior groups. This focuses on understanding and applying Biophilic techniques to create maximum influence in advanced public speaking and presentations. Biophilia is the innate connection with nature /living systems. The support is about enhancing your naturalness in front of an audience.
We can design & deliver bespoke sessions to support the development of emerging talent in your business. We offer very challenging half day or full days. Designed for any key individuals at any business level or key sales/professional teams who need to have their thinking stretched, their mental toughness improved and their ROI through Well-Being to the business enhanced.  Steve Bruckshaw will deliver all the courses.

“A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.