Three Unique Mindset Masterclasses

 ‘Three Hours – Three Unique Mindset Masterclasses

I am offering three unique mindset masterclasses. They contain masses of information condensed in a very short time. Its a whirlwind of information. Why drag the stuff out in an all day course. Maximum 8 people per workshop.

The three mindset masterclasses are:

Nature Tough Wellbeing – Total Coaching Skills – Total Presenting.

I draw upon my business and psychological experience to create unique learning experiences. My blended learning includes:

Social Psychology – making sense of behaviour, feeling and thinking.

Personal Development – developing awareness and identity.

Well-Being Dimensions – a toolbox of system tools for business influence.

Biophilia Coaching – the innate human connection to resilient learning through nature.

Vuja De – seeing everything as if it’s new and understanding it differently.

My Current Three Masterclasses include;

Nature Tough Wellbeing – How to survive and thrive. Big on academic rigour          Total Presenting – Covers everything needed to stand and deliver (or sit)   Total Coaching Skills – Teaching managers what coaching really is  
Psychological Edge – ‘All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking’ – Nietzche.  Nature is the greatest teacher – Wordsworth.
The ‘Walking with Leaders’ Programme – Four coaching sessions – BIOPHILIC COACHING – ‘the human innate connection with nature’. Natural communication and authentic challenging coaching in the great outdoors – the best classroom ever. 
I can design & deliver bespoke sessions to support the development of all people at all levels in your business. I can offer very challenging half day or full days. Designed for any key individuals at any business level or key sales/professional teams who need to have their thinking stretched, their mental toughness improved and their ROI through Well-Being to the business enhanced.  I will deliver all the courses.

“A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.