Maps of The Imagination

Maps of The Imagination

We all need help to cope in this complex and ambiguous world of ours. And as the author of Swallows and Amazons, Arthur Ransome put it. “All of the most exciting charts and maps have places on them that are marked unexplored”. The great thinkers and adventurers teach us that it is through exploring the unknown that we will find the new. ‘Au fond de l’inconnu pour trouver du nouvea’ – Charles Baudelaire. ‘There Be Dragons’ was the old cartographers adage for the unknown places.

In this wild work place, in which we all try to thrive and survive, the fear of the unknown randomly translates into many stressful and unbalanced behaviours, often triggered by hot topics such as Brexit, national security and social media intrusion. The good news is that beyond the vulnerability and uncertainty, positivity awaits us all. Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility are key. But a big leap is needed to progress. No matter what level of profession you work at, a Mentally Tough move away from safe pathways of the world is needed, so as to escape the dysfunctional daily behaviour patterns that fuel disorganised thinking.  Our maps of your imagination will open up the pathways.

The Wild Workplace will work with you to re-write your mental map of the world and create a new thinking and well-being map to help you fulfil your potential and feel comfortable in your own skin.



What are Maps and how do they apply to me?

Reduce the fear of the unknown. Help make sense of the world. Reassure us and inspire us to ask more questions. About exploration and by evoking stories helps draw up our life path. Help fill in the blank spaces in our quest for knowledge.

A map organises information in order to see our purpose in a new way. When we are off our map its either excitement of the new or lost anxiety. Provide a link up of all our constructed knowledge with our living. We all reach our borders in life and maps then help us take a leap. Maps reveal the meaning we see in things and provides a mirror to remind who we are.

At THE WILD WORK PLACE we will draw up your own bespoke mental map.



Maps of The Imagination

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