Naturally Tough Well-Being Coaching

Unique Biophilic Coaching

The harsh reality of the wild workplace is that the leadership landscape has a new meaning. Social media intrudes and challenges, and real time accountability is now. Leadership needs to be mentally tougher as private and public space merges.  A reconfiguration of skills is needed. The leader must be humble, self aware, creative, intelligent emotionally, consistent, maintain well being, be fair, communicative, adaptable and authentic. And most of all must be NATURAL. Biophilia is the human innate connection with nature/living systems and a love of life. So I use nature in all that I do to embed key learning and behaviour change in leaders.

The challenge of leadership is to live with pressure. The privilege of having a symbolic role and the pressure of people wanting  something that creates a sense of purpose, community and culture is a privilege that carries a heavy pay back. Much is written about effective leadership but many leaders eventually become dysfunctional under the pressure. Ineffective leadership is more common than many believe. My coaching is designed to be provocative.  There is a new reality that needs to be embraced by leaders both commercially and psychologically. Well-Being frame working is the way forward linked to systems thinking and that is what I do. I design Well-Being frameworks so leaders can sense and re-act to the need for Well-Being. This is internally for themselves and externally across the Mental health/Workplace Well-Being challenge.

At The Wild Workplace I have a huge passion for coaching. With over 10000+ hours of coaching experience across all levels of managers and leaders, I constantly seek to support coaching growth in business, understand its limitations and use it wisely to enhance performance. Coaching as a process has existed in different guises for centuries. It is a large and expanding area but perceptions of its value differ widely. My challenge is to sell the power that coaching brings and to adopt an appropriate coaching style that helps people in the wild workplace handle change. As Charles Darwin said “it is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

People need help to make rapid shifts in their behaviours to cope with the emotion that change creates. Change creates anxiety and no individual or organisation can fully understand how change will affect survival. So I decided my style needed to be direct and provocative, to focus on the stuff that really matters and confront lifes reality face on.

At The Wild Workplace I offer the unique ‘Walking with Leaders’ Coaching Programme or a bespoke indoor four blended and provocative coaching session programme focused on your Well-Being and Mental Toughness.  This is designed to help create a framework map for personal change and inspire an altogether different way of seeing the world. The sessions cover happiness, self-awareness, thinking flexibility, resilience and transformational/personal change. An appropriate psychometric test normally MTQ48 is included.

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Naturally Tough Well-Being Coaching

“He had brought a large map, representing the sea, without the least vestige of land: And the crew were much pleased when they found it to be a map they could all understand”.
Lewis Carroll