Attitude at Altitude – Team Resilience

At The Wild Workplace our team one day programme helps to nurture key talent and results by developing Mental Toughness for key teams.

Part 1 A Mental Toughness and Communication Skills day developing the 4 C’s.
Part 2 The completion of an MTQ48 and/or ILM 72 psychometric tests to measure Mental Toughness and Leadership Styles.
Part 3 Performance consistency, focused positive behaviours, greater well being, handle change better, more aspirational.
Part 4 Understanding Mental Models for clearer thinking,  Emotional Intelligence, Business NLP-Presentation Skills, MT techniques, Team bonding.
Part 5 Helping key teams with their emotional control, smoother delivery, motivation and set back handling, and developing faith in ability.
Part 6 Chance to receive free future 1:1 coaching sessions from Steve Bruckshaw.

The Benefit

This unique day offers teams the chance to develop to the higher range of their talent. Ideal for sales and key teams, the day integrates a range of key mental toughness and advanced communication techniques.  It looks at improving team working life to a level that will sustain better performance.

The MT Development Pillars

  1. Control: The degree to which someone feels in control of their lives and their emotional state.
  2. Commitment: The ability to set goals and strive for their realisation.
  3. Challenge: The ability to cope with setbacks and to perceive them as opportunities.
  4. Confidence: The level of self-belief and the ability to have interpersonal confidence.

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk”
Marcus Tullius Cicero