Attitude at Altitude – The Wild Track Well-Being System

At The Wild Workplace the WILD TRACK Well-Being System nurtures key talent by developing key attitude, Well-Being, behavioural traits & relationship excellence. Enabling all leaders to develop an Attitude at Altitude.

Part 1 Being updated for 2018
Part 2 Being updated for 2018
Part 3 Being updated for 2018
Part 4 Being updated for 2018
Part 5 Being updated for 2018
Part 6 Being updated for 2018

The Benefit

The WILD TRACK system focuses on your identity. It is an advanced Well-Being framework and VIEW OF LIFE approach that blends advanced well-being dimensions to accelerate leadership confidence. It is based on Biophilia and draws on work developed by Professor Flitjof Capra, Professor Peter Clough, Professor Edward O.Wilson and Ash Buchanan.

The Biophilic Pillars

  1. Under 2018 development.

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk”
Marcus Tullius Cicero