Attitude at Altitude – Nature For Leadership

The Nature For Leadership System helps nurture key talent by developing key attitude, Well-Being, behavioural traits & relationship excellence. Enabling all leaders to be more Biophilic & develop an Attitude at Altitude.

Part 1 Attitude and Motivation
Part 2 Goals and Commitment
Part 3 People Skills
Part 4 Mental Imagery and Self Talk
Part 5 Dealing with Anxiety and Emotion
Part 6 Concentration

The Benefit

The Nature For Leadership System focuses on positive green Mind-Sets. It is an advanced Well-Being framework and VIEW OF LIFE approach that blends advanced well-being dimensions to accelerate leadership confidence. It is based on Biophilia and draws on work developed by Professor Jack J Lesyk, Professor Flitjof Capra, Professor Peter Clough, Professor Edward O.Wilson and Ash Buchanan.

Attitude at Altitude – Nature For Leadership

The Four Pillars and The Nine Skills

  1. There are four pillars that relate to the well-being relationship you have with yourself. The four well-being areas are: Mental relationship, Physical relationship, Social relationship and Ecological relationship.
  2. There are four pillars that relate to your Mental Toughness which are: Challenge, Commitment, Control and Confidence.
  3. We have taken the four pillars and interwoven nine wild track skills that can be learnt and applied for high end performance.
  4. The ultimate aim through coaching across these areas is to create sustainable well-being which triggers good mental health, solid mental toughness and focused cognitive thinking.
  5. The nine skills are: Attitude, Motivation, Goals Focus, People Skills, Self-Talk, Mental Imagery, Managing Anxiety, Managing Emotions and Concentration.

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk”
Marcus Tullius Cicero