Mental Toughness

At The Wild Workplace my passion lies in maintaining and developing Mental Toughness across individuals, teams and organisations. With my inspiration  gained from the independently validated research of Professor Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk, I focus on the four key components of MT – Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence. My vision is to promote this vital work in challenging workplaces.

Mental Toughness describes the mind-set that every person adopts in everything they do. It is a personality trait which determines in large part how people deal with challenge, stressors and pressure. It is linked to areas such as intelligent emotions, resilience, positive psychology, and stress. Published research and case studies show that MT is a major factor in: Performance, Positive Behaviour, Well being, and Aspirations.

Pioneering work and subsequent research has been explored by many cognitive influencers including : Loehr; Kobasa; Dientsbier; Locke; Crust; Dweck; Earle; Golby; Horsburgh; Jones; McCrae; Nicholls; Seligman; Sherd; Thelwell. As a licensed user, I am pleased to be able to offer MTQ48 and MTQ plus. These  unique high quality psychometric measures are used to assess the four components of Mental Toughness – Confidence, Control, Commitment and Challenge. MTQ48 helps identify performance barriers, leading to better quality feedback for individuals and groups. I can also combine this with ILM72. This is a highly recognised and respected leadership style psychometric.

MT isn’t about being macho, uncaring and self centred, it is about being the best that you can be. Please contact me for my unique help.

Many organisations identify MT as a foundation for individual success. The trouble is people aren’t normally supported in it and are generally expected to just teach themselves.

Researchers continue to study the MT components with evidence suggesting that it can be socially captured and individually enhanced. It is thought by taking a strengths based focus and using Mind-Set coaching, mentally strong leadership can be developed.

I recognise that MT can offer a valuable advantage in life. The mentally sensitive can gain from learning how the mentally tough do what they do. Conversely, the mentally tough need help to appreciate and utilise what they do as they can develop blind spot negative behaviour. I aim to support everyone and maintain their appropriate MT level.

At The Wild Workplace, through our unique survive and thrive kit we help individuals in this important development subject. The areas we work on are:

Please call us for a chat so we can explain how we may help you and your organisation develop these vital skills and behaviours.

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