Developing Sustainable Well-Being

The Wild Work Place is the brainchild of Business Psychologist – Steve Bruckshaw.  The Wild Workplace develops two pivotal areas of Well-Being and Mental Toughness. This blended combination stretches performance, increases capability and shifts mindsets for Leaders and Teams. In this VUCA world, developing Psychological, Physical, Ecological and Social dimension capability is needed by everyone.

Mental Toughness is a mind-set, a trait, the ability to handle pressure and make a genuine difference in helping people be more effective. Well-Being is a ‘View of Life’ and a unique complex pattern of relationships that bring out our best. Biophilia is the human innate connection with living things/nature – a love of life.

We offer: Unique Biophilic Coaching, Three Bespoke Training Days, Biophilic Walking with Leaders 121 Coaching and Speaker support.  We provoke thinking and refocus restless mindsets. We help make rapid shifts in behaviours. We develop MT so people can perform at the upper end of their talent despite tough agendas. We develop better understanding of Well-Being to navigate and nurture the Well-Being challenge. We develop your ‘Wholeness’, ‘Psychological Edge’ and ‘Make you comfortable in your own skin’.

What makes you vulnerable? How comfortable are you in your own skin? Have you got the right attitude to cope with change? What are you doing about sustaining your self belief?

 “Between Stimulus and Response there is a space. In this space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”  Frankl

Three Bespoke full day courses available: The Well-Being Leader/Ultimate Mental Toughness/Biophilic Presentation Skills



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Our work is underpinned by real life experience, academic knowledge, coaching, training and psychological expertise. We offer flexible and bespoke development that is reflective of individual and organisational needs. We provide value for money aligned to a real return on investment. Please call, email or text us, to have an honest discussion, so we can help you through the unknown to find the new.

“I felt like I had made myself better. I had worked hard. I felt like I understood how to run my race better than my opponents. The other guys I was running against were talented, but I was able to do more with my talent. That was a high.” Michael Johnson – Athlete and Broadcaster