Naturally Tough Wellbeing

THANKS for visiting The Wild Work Place, a unique Biophilic business. Inspired by nature & founded by me Steve Bruckshaw, I design advanced leader tough wellbeing. I am a Social Psychologist & Coach. With conventional business models no longer fit for purpose, wellbeing is suffering. Hence, I provide a Systems Thinking approach which is key to providing wellbeing sustainability. A key element within this is Nature, as it is focused on sustainability & is both mans teacher & designer. In this century of volatility, I am concerned with re-connecting leaders to natures principles & re-designing mentally tough wellbeing mindsets. This is achieved through aligning a systems view of life, evidence based challenging coaching, mental toughness methodology & advanced wellbeing frameworks to drive individual & cultural change.

Using social, cognitive & positive psychology, I focus on exploring the interaction of individuals with their environment. I seek to develop leaders into becoming high performance ‘nature tough well-beings’ with pivotal habits that embrace unease.

I focus on Biophilia, Biomimicry, Biophobia, Biofusion, Mental Toughness & Advanced Well-Being. Confidence, Commitment, Challenge & Control are key behaviours. My development uses a backpack of robust psychological tools. I utilise natures principles, unique experiential learning & wellbeing frameworks. With business stress at scandalous proportions, I seek to develop robust mental skills, shape creative thinking, enhance problem solving, calm minds & decrease cortisol.

I offer a range of development including; The ‘WALKING WITH LEADERS’ Programme. A unique four part experiential coaching programme with Psychometric feedback. Development areas include; Influence, career, agile thinking, passion, attentional focus, patience, advanced communication skills, self belief & image, relationship building & self awareness. This personal development is unique. My style is provocative & really challenges people to think differently.

I also offer motivational speaking on The Nature of Wellbeing Leaders, away day facilitation, bespoke coaching & a cultural change programme & three unique masterclasses.

By using natures principles & Wellbeing Toughness elements, I help leaders get more comfortable in their own skin & help them become the best they can be. In this complex & volatile world, developing an advanced well-being capability is pivotal. Wellbeing is a multidimensional quality with both simple & complex elements. Understanding the Psychological, Physical, Ecological and Social dimensions is pivotal.

I offer a learning experience & wellbeing tools that are really unique, cost effective and life shaping. It just needs personal investment in something truly different to help generate that feeling of ‘really alive’ wellbeing.

 “Listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door;  let’s go.” – E. E. Cumming

“Walking helps your mind plan the world around you. The mind surveys the environment, chooses a route and constructs a mental map. This translates into a series of steps, to navigate the present and cultivate the future”. – Steve Bruckshaw 2019



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My work is underpinned by real life experience, academic knowledge, coaching, training and psychological expertise. I offer flexible and bespoke development that is reflective of individual and organisational needs. I provide value for money aligned to a real return on investment. Please call, email or text me, to have an honest discussion, so I can help you through the unknown to find the new.

“I felt like I had made myself better. I had worked hard. I felt like I understood how to run my race better than my opponents. The other guys I was running against were talented, but I was able to do more with my talent. That was a high.” Michael Johnson – Athlete and Broadcaster